Goofy cow Burger Menu 2

Our food

About our meat

We think that the meat is the most important part, we can say the soul of a good burger. A good meat patty is not too big, but not too small. It can be cooked to medium, but at a well-done temperature it also should be enjoyable.

It should have around 20 percent fat content, because the taste is heavily based on this. A good beef can be Angus, can be Wagyu, can be Charolais, and also different parts can be used for a good patty. Sometimes chuck, sometimes brisket, or sirloin, or even a mix of all of the above. We at The Goofy Cow are using US Black Angus, a mix of chuck and brisket.

We like to think about the burger like a good steak. A quality meat, which shouldn’t be mixed with breadcrumbs, egg, or onion. If we have a good meat patty, we should show its taste, so for our just a little salt and pepper during the grilling process - and that’s it.

About the bun

The bun is the second most important thing in a burger’s life. It is the exterior of the creation, it should have a good size, a good texture, and stability to hold the inside of the burger, but it also should be soft. Our bun is something between a classic and a potato bun, with some little twist in the recipe which makes it really unique.